Anthony Fallahi

Anthony Fallahi

Who is Anthony Fallahi?

Salt Lake City, Utah native Anthony Fallahi is the son of an Iranian immigrant father and an American mother. Between high school graduation and his freshman year of college, Mr. Fallahi served a two-year volunteer mission in Spain, where he grew to embrace all aspects of Spanish culture, language, and cuisine. Upon returning to the U.S., he attended The University of Utah and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.

During his time at The University of Utah, Mr. Fallahi began working with a small non-profit organization that helped individuals and families achieve financial independence through education and debt reduction. “As a 22-year-old college student, I had a misconception that the folks that needed help must be irresponsible or ‘bad with money’, and that is why they had run up so much personal debt”, remarked Fallahi. “I was mistaken about that. I worked with some incredibly bright, successful people that were usually behind due to some unexpected setback, whether a layoff, or a health issue of their own or a family member, or a repair that wasn’t planned. It was truly eye opening to see how incredibly hard it is to dig out once you fall on the wrong side of the numbers. I was fortunate to learn early in life that my passion lay in teaching and effecting change – in building people up so they can build their own future.” 

Anthony Fallahi

Anthony joined Fidelity Investments as an Investment Advisor in 2006. Through his 15-year career at Fidelity, he served in several leadership positions, working with the firm’s largest institutional clients to deploy financial education to millions of people throughout the world, and instill cultures of wellness and inclusion. Among his many achievements, Mr. Fallahi helped to develop Fidelity’s financial wellness offering: a multi-channel suite of resources that leverages AI technology to predict customer needs and build customized action plans. This offering is now available to 34 million workplace plan participants at 23,000 businesses and has been recognized multiple times as best in class by industry experts.

Fallahi returned to school in 2016 to earn his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Baylor University, graduating with honors. Today, Mr. Fallahi provides workshops to Baylor MBA students focusing on presentation and executive communication skills. 

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